Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mellow Weekend

Our weekend, so far, has been extremely mellow. Yesterday I got up extremely early for a Saturday & went to help with a fundraiser for the Southwest Wildlife Foundation. It was a lot of fun. There was a walk for dogs & people, with a bunch of interesting information along the way, a dog fashion show & a pet trick contest. We had raffles every half an hour with some really nice little prizes, a rubber ducky race & drawings for grand prizes at the end. Then we helped pack everything back up & each of us got a prize from what was left in the pile. My kitties are loving their new scratching post, because it has a toy on top & the old one doesn't.

I took Dawn & Justin home & then came home myself. I sat here for about 10 minutes & started to fall asleep, so I went & took a nap & while I was waking up, Ryan showed up to get his heat gun. We visited with him for a couple of hours. While we were outside, Rhi came over to visit & use our computer (she may be looking for a car insurance quote for a car she's thinking about getting) & then we decided to head out to our troth for Mabon. We picked up Dawn & headed out. It was a nice, mellow little gathering, we did a lot of talking & deciding about the future of the troth itself. We got home at about midnight & went to bed. I got up today after 11 & Troy just barely did & it's noon. We may be gaming tonight, we'll see.

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