Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wonderful Weekend & Wednesday, Too

We had a really good time camping this past weekend. The weather was beautiful, cool, but not cold, a light breeze. We didn't get rained on, which was the concern. Rhi ended up coming home Saturday evening, which was fine, because we had forgotten our cast iron skillet & would have had to come back for it anyway. Tiny escaped from the tent trailer in the middle of the first night, scaring us both to death. All we could think of was her tangling with a bear & being gone forever, especially when she didn't come when we called. She did eventually come to the door and come in. We're pretty sure she needed to go to the bathroom, slipped out, did her business & couldn't get back in, so she went to sleep out there. The next night (and the rest of that one) Troy put the leash on her & put it on his arm so she couldn't get out.

It was really nice to get away & forget about time, schedules and everything else for a couple of days, I wish we had done it a few more times this summer, but there's always next year.

I'm in the middle of cleaning my kitchen & took a little break to brew some coffee, have a couple of cups & post in here. I seem to lose track of time pretty quickly anymore (especially since I'm not living by anyone's schedule but Troy's these days), I think I need to get myself a watch, since I don't always have my cell phone with me & when I do, we don't always have service (like when we're on the mountain). Speaking of watches, did you know that they now make "talking watches," that say the time for you? I think they're awesome for people who have problems with their vision & may get one for my mom for Christmas so she doesn't have to dig out her glasses every time she wants to know what time it is.

Well, time for another cup of coffee & some more ibuprofen, I think.

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Theresa said...

Ah ha, now on this blog I see you had a good time camping with the exception of Tiny escaping and that Dawn wasn't able to go. I think it would be great to be on nobody's schedule but my husbands...but alas, no luck there! lol