Monday, August 18, 2008

Beautiful Clothing for Beautiful Women

My Renne-friend, Michelle, runs a wonderful booth called "Damsel in this Dress." She sells gorgeous clothing that she & her husband create together. She makes bodices that make every woman look beautiful, no matter what body type they have. I have made many bodices in my career as a re-creationist, from my early days in the SCA to later years at the Renaissance faire, but nothing made me look like Michelle's beautiful creations do.

Many people see what she makes & look at the price & think they can make the same thing at home. The fact is, you just can't. She's a professional. She owns quality, industrial equipment for every part of the process, and she makes her own patterns in styles you'll never be able to match anywhere. She uses rich, beautiful fabrics, that are very expensive to buy on your own, imported European steel boning & two-piece grommets.

Every bodice or corset that she designs & makes is creating to lengthen the body line & nothing ever ends at the natural waist. The result? Every woman who leaves her booth wearing a new bodice or corset looks at least 10 pounds thinner & taller, too. That's not even mentioning what they do for your womanly assets. Ever wished you were "perkier" looking than you are? These will definitely do the trick, trust me. They are beautiful items of clothing, they're made to be worn & worn again. You can wear them to a renaissance faire, an SCA event, with a skirt or with your jeans. I've never seen any of Michelle's pieces look bad no matter what they were worn with.

Another cool thing is that she makes other things, like skirts & blouses to go with the bodices & corsets. She has a blog, an Etsy store & an Ebay store, so if you love beautiful clothing that makes you feel beautiful, too, check her out.

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