Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Weight Stuff

I seem to be doing okay with the way I'm eating these days, although I have days where I don't do great. I figure I'd have those days even if I was actually dieting or taking something like Leptovox, too. I'm human, after all. I think I do much better when I know I can eat whatever I want & I actually take the time to think about my food and realize when I'm full. I don't end up with heartburn that way, at any rate.

I got up this morning & started spaghetti sauce in my crock pot for dinner tonight. Usually, I just go in & make it about 3 hours before dinner & just let it simmer on the stove, but I decided to take advantage of the smallest crock on my pot (mine has 3 different sized crocks) and do it early. That way, I can heat up a can of sauce for Erin at dinner time without any meat in it & everyone gets to eat.

Rhi moved across town yesterday. She couldn't pay the rent in their trailer & was getting tired of one of her room-mates not working & pitching in with anything. She moved in with a guy named Dustin and her best friend, Ryan, in a 4-bedroom for almost $200/month cheaper, so they should be okay now.

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