Sunday, January 13, 2008

What Do You Think?

Have you ever thought about installing a hidden spy camera in your home to see what goes on while you're not there? I never really have, because I've never hired a nanny or an in-home babysitter for my kids, but I really can see where you might want to in that case. I would want to be assured that my children weren't being abused or neglected while I was gone.

I know home that have teenage children that could benefit from one, as well. My best friend's 14 year old is always sneaking out of the house (or sneaking boys in) at all hours ofthe night. She also steals from her mother & takes bottles of alcohol out of the house. Her mom could really use a hidden spy camera in their house. So, while I don't think I'd ever install one to spy on my spouse or my employees, I will admit that they have their uses. What's your opinion?

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