Saturday, January 12, 2008

Busy Weekend

Our weekend is shaping up to be fairly busy already. Today we've already had to run out to Troy's job, because he forgot his wallet there when he came home. Pretty soon I'll need to wrap up Jaycie's birthday gift, and start getting ready to go to her birthday party. She's having it at the bowling alley and I'm really hoping my mom & dad will be there, so we have someone to visit with. This evening is gaming, as usual. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get the house cleaned up & the Christmas decorations taken back to the storage unit.

We never went anywhere in our big kitchen redecorating venture, so I'd like to sit down with Troy at some point tomorrow and talk to him about it and see if we still plan to. I wish we had a DirectBuy somewhere in my area. It would certainly make getting everything we need for the job a lot easier. Since we don't, I guess we'll make do. I'm still not sure how much I want to do to a place I don't own, you know?

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