Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Some of the things that I've heard that went on in Rhi & Kris' relationship (now that she broke up with him), make me want to show him some alternate uses for a Mizuno golf club. I wouldn't, but there's no harm in imagining, is there? Other than the typical thing almost all teenage boys do with pressuring their girlfriends for sex, he was actually threatening to rape her if she didn't give in (she didn't). He treated her like she was nothing to him, at least as soon as he got her to agree to marry him anyway. There were a lot of things he did and things that he said during the 11 months they were together that lead me to believe that he's mentally ill.

Normal people don't honestly believe that they have wings under their skin.

After he started getting angry because she started telling me & her friends what had been going on, he went on MySpace & posted a blog about her full of lies. He claimed that she's a self-cutter (she isn't & trust me, between me & Sean, we'd know), that she was suicidal (she was depressed, but it was about him & that relationship) and that he used the threat of rape to distract her so he could get her calmed down. I read the blog to her & Sean, and when I was done, he stood up & headed for his room, telling her he had a phone call to make & to wait in the living room. I have no idea what he said exactly, but I did get the gist of it & I know that shortly after that, Kris deleted the blog post & put one up about how he was moving on. I honestly hope that he is.

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