Saturday, January 26, 2008

Going Green

I recently found a web site, called Green and More that specializes in eco friendly products. They probably have hundreds of really cool eco products available on their site, from soapstone cookware (which is really beautiful, by the way) to organic baby bedding and everything in between. Green and more also helps support environmental charities, like Oceana & Healthy Child Healthy World, but more than that, this company lives their beliefs & doesn't use any plastic, offers recycled office supplies & kitchen goods and uses 100% recycled boxes.

The company also offers a learning center on the web site with tons of valuable information on living green & conservation from the sources like the EPA & the US Department of Energy along with a blog called GreenMusings, where the staff & public share their "going green" stories. Its a very interesting and informative wed site that I really think is worth a look, especially if you have any interest in conservation, the environment or going green.

Some of their shopping departments:

Gifts: They have a lot of really cool things in here, including a solar-powered messenger bag, so you can keep your electronics plugged in when you're on the go.

Air Purifiers: They have a bunch of really nice choices in here, along with some super-stylish ones, too.

Accessories: They have a solar powered tote bag in here if you don't use messenger bags. Pretty cool.

Gadgets: They have a ton of cool things in here, you really have to see this site to believe it.

Other shopping areas are baby, bath, bedding, energy savings, solar power, furniture, garden and so muchmore. Check them out, I don't think you'll be disappointed!

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