Saturday, December 24, 2011

Not so Bad

Things have gone fairly smoothly since our daughter got out of jail. Her first day out was pretty rough for all of us, she had a lot of misinformation fed to her by various people while she was in that she had to wade through. She managed to locate all of her stuff and on Monday, I went & paid for her prescriptions, took her grocery shopping & to check in with her PO. She spent awhile with us & then I took her home.

We saw her again on Yule, when we had a very nice day together. We opened gifts, had breakfast & then went shopping for the day. She handled it pretty well when I told her I'd be getting a small storage unit for her property, so that we could use her room for an office. I know she harbors dreams of coming back to live here, but it just isn't going to work for any of us that way.

I'm hoping that when we get all of our daughter's stuff out & into storage, we can have a little more room for things like ironing boards, food storage and a place for small appliances. We will if I plan everything the right way & keep on Troy to put things back where they belong.

At any rate, we had a lovely Yule, both as a family & as a Circle, although the mood was very subdued and we all seemed to run out of steam pretty early on. It was fine, we all got together and had our rites & celebration & that's all that really matters.

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