Tuesday, December 06, 2011


On Cyber Monday, I found a great deal on a GPS for my car - I have a huge fear of getting lost, probably from traveling with my dad, we got lost, a lot - and so we ordered it & eagerly awaited it's arrival. It came while we were out Friday & I turned it on & got everything situated, and put it in my vehicle on Saturday. We had some driving around to do that morning, and while we didn't plan an itinerary on it, Troy was pleased with it. I brought it in to activate our promotion code and update our maps & that's when the problems began. It wouldn't update the maps, it kept telling me we were out of space on the GPS, then it deleted all of the previous maps, rendering it completely useless. I followed every instruction for every problem listed on the website & finally just handed it & the phone number to Troy.

6 hours on the phone later? Lots of wasted hours, plenty of frustration and no solution but to send it to them for replacement. My we should have bought a garmin zumo 665 motorcycle gps or something like it (considering I don't have a motorcycle & all), maybe we'd have a working GPS now & not one sitting in a box, waiting until we have time to get to UPS to send it back.

I'm disappointed & don't have a lot of hope for the replacement to work very well, either, but I guess we'll see. It's supposedly a pretty good brand & model.

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