Thursday, December 15, 2011


I'm feeling a little stressed out & down right now. Our daughter gets out of jail early Sunday morning (like at 2am) and I'm just not ready for it. I don't have any desire to see her or deal with the hysterics and drama she's sure to bring to my house. She won't be living here, that's for sure, but it won't change her need to force us into paying her fines and for her cell phone by any means she deems necessary.

I've already decided that she won't be allowed into the house unless both of us are here, because she knows she can get either one of us, singly, to agree to her demands with enough drama, but together, we're an unstoppable force. So, if she shows up early Sunday morning then I'll offer to take her somewhere else or to let her use my phone to call for a ride, but she won't be coming in to bother us in the middle of the night.

I'm typically about the least paranoid person you'll ever meet. I rarely, if ever, suspect people of ulterior motives, talking behind my back or plotting against me, but for the past few days I'm had this feeling of unease, like something just isn't right, that maybe something bad is just over the horizon & I don't like it. I hate this feeling. It's like I know I've forgotten something crucial, but only with added danger in the mix. So, I guess I'm putting this out there, if anything happens to me or Troy & I, I hope that the police will start with Rhiannon, because she is the only person on the planet (next to her sperm donor) that hates me enough to harm me.

I hate that I even feel like I have to say that.

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