Sunday, August 28, 2011


I was just thinking back to TV shows of my youth, when if there was a meeting for work, the characters all had to be at the office, or go to another city & meet with everyone they were trying to network with. Then, someone invented conference calling & people could have big meetings, with a lot of people on the telephone. That ended the need to travel to a different office to get two or three different teams talking & brainstorming on something. We all thought that was pretty amazing, didn't we? I'm sure that more than one person sat around & tried to figure out how to use the system on a personal level, to get all of their friends on the same line to talk about their plans for the night or weekend.

Now, that all seems a thing of the past, now that we have internet conference calls, and can not only hear a group of people, but in many cases, see them, too & current TV shows & movies reflect that change, too. I wonder what the next 20 years will bring?

Really, at this point, I'm wondering if they'll invent a spray that makes my dog not afraid of thunderstorms, since it's 4:00am, I haven't been to sleep yet & the dog is under my feet, shaking & looking concerned because of the storm.

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