Sunday, August 07, 2011


I was sitting here trying to remember all of the dogs my parents have had, just since we've been in Utah, and I'm not sure I can. That's kind of sad, honestly. I know she had Mandy, a miniature schnauzer for awhile, and there may have been another of those, too, but I can't remember. Then there was the sweet sharpei, who had horrible problems. We searched everywhere for an affordable mange remedy for him, but one day he just wandered off & we never saw him again.

I don't know what other ones they had before Ginger & Sugar, but Ginger was my favorite of all of them. We almost adopted her ourselves, but chose Tiny's mother instead. It was like having the best of both world's when she was alive. I got to enjoy her and have Tiny, too. I was so sad when she died last summer, I guess today makes it a years since she went. That explains why they've been on my mind, at least. Sugar died on the 6th & Ginger the next day, I think. Poor pups.

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