Thursday, August 04, 2011

Getting Ready

We're just about ready, as far as having bought everything we need to for the trailer. We're going camping in it for the first time next week & I'm excited & nervous all at the same time. Troy is worried about towing it up the mountain, and I'm nervous about him towing it after working all night. I know that everything will be fine, our friends wouldn't steer us wrong on it & chance us getting hurt in an accident, we just need to get through this first trip.

I managed to shop pretty carefully for the things we need, but I plan to shop a lot more online in the coming months, making sure I get the latest working coupons for whatever company I'm using to finish with the rest of what we'll need for it. It's been kind of like outfitting a second house, honestly, since we've needed a lot of the same things we'd need if we were starting out again. It was fun, because you don't have to stick with what you would in your actual home & can get a little more wild with it. I would love to put up some fun pictures or posters in there eventually, too, just to give it some more personality.

At any rate, we need to go get our propane tanks filled today or tomorrow so that everything is ready to go next week.

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