Sunday, June 05, 2011

Busy & Productive Weekend

Well, this was the first actual weekend of Troy's new shift, since last week, he was just coming off of vacation and it just kind of flowed together, so we couldn't see how it was going to be for us yet. On Tuesday (I think), I found a guy in St. George selling a nice looking couch & love seat set for less than $300. We made arrangements to go & look at them on Thursday evening & hopefully buy them. Ryan took us down there, we really liked them, so we started our weekend out with new furniture.

We slept in on Friday, got up, had breakfast & eventually made our way to the store to get groceries. We got all of that put away & then pretty much laid around on our couches, watched TV and did not much of anything. We did talk about going to the store to see what Big Lots had in the way of patio furniture, but we changed our minds when I saw that Ghost Adventures was showing an episode on the Tooele hospital, which is where my grandpa died. We watched that and then some Whale Wars, then GA again and back to Whale Wars.

Saturday was super-busy. We went out looking for patio furniture, decided our best bet was Walmart, so we headed there, decided we needed a truck for the actual furniture, so we started a prescription for Troy & wandered around a bit, shopping for a new vacuum & a table for me to use for outdoor rituals. We didn't buy them then, we were in a hurry & needed to meet Ryan back here to get rid of our old couch & love seat. So we finished up, ran out to mom & dad's, borrowed his truck & went & got our furniture set. When we brought it home, we found out the old furniture had already been taken & Ryan had just done it himself. So, we took the truck back, went & got our vacuum, the table & a firepit and came home. We watched The Hangover and then we decided to recharge my a/c in my car & got that done. I got ready to turn the sprinklers on for the first time this year & we discovered a broken line. Thankfully, it isn't too far from the surface, but we'll have to dig it out to even see what we need to buy to replace it with, so I turned on the hose & a little sprinkler we found out back earlier.

Today, I need to clean house & get ready for our friends to come over for dinner, which will take awhile, since I had absolutely no time to clean while Troy was off, let alone time to waste time looking at life insurance online quotes, so I think this new shift is going to be just fine. It was really nice having Troy home on payday for a change!

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