Sunday, June 12, 2011


We got some things accomplished this weekend, too, just not quite the same amount as last week. The old gazebo is taken down & moved out of the yard & we're getting ready to go out & do some measuring for some other things. I need to get the house cleaned up at some point today, before everyone gets here tonight for dinner & I'm in the middle of doing my laundry right now. We even went & saw Rhi yesterday morning, before we got started on everything else, which made her very happy. So busy, just not as crazy-busy as we were last week. We do also need to get the swamp cooler ready to turn on, too, since it's already getting pretty hot in the house.

I've decided that the reason I love my contacts is because I'm addicted to sunglasses. Everywhere we go that sells them, I find myself enthralled by them. I seriously need to shop online at someplace like nineapair cheap sunglasses, I swear to the gods!

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