Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Year Older

But, not deeper in debt, thankfully. We've made it a year since deciding to file for bankruptcy, and haven't gotten any credit cards (they're frighteningly easy to get after a bankruptcy), bought a new car or had anything else financed that would make our lives harder. We have bought a car, but it was $700 and we're paying it off $100 a month, and we bought it from a friend of Troy's. We haven't fallen for an apidexin scam, or any others, nor have we wasted a lot of money, although, buying the things we want & paying the bills that come in have been multitudes easier & worry-free. I have adamantly shot down any attempts to get us back into debt, I'm so happy to just be paying rent & the other bills that allow us to live everyday that I want nothing more than to keep the status quo. I'm sure it's aggravating to Troy at times, but I'm a lot more fun to live with these days, as a result.

So, I'm 45 today, and I started my day with a brisk, two mile walk with Dawn, at 8am. I came home, ate breakfast, showered & got ready for my day. Dawn will be back over here soon, we'll take Rhi to her doctor appointment & then be on our merry way, just spending time together & having fun. Tonight, we're going to see "The Green Hornet" and then out for dinner. It's shaping up to be a pretty nice birthday.

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