Monday, November 15, 2010


Erin has been a pretty constant source of worry since he started this big, cross-country journey of his. I have very little way of keeping in touch with him & rarely know where he is from week to week, so if he suddenly stops calling someday, I won't even know where to start looking. On October 19, he called & told us that he was married to a girl & they were coming home for Christmas. Well, we were kind of in the middle of Danica being bored & didn't really get to talk to him much about it. He called me last week to tell me that she had left him, her ex had beaten the crap out of him & that he was afraid he had contracted HIV from a dirty needle. He was supposed to call us back on Thursday & let us know what the test results were, but when he did call Troy, it was to let his drunken wife talk & apologize until the phone died.

We still have no idea, and are still very worried about him. He's going to need some very cheap health insurance if he is, unless he just plans to do nothing (which would be his speed, honestly). I just wish I could go back in time & change it all for him.


Cetta said...

Holy cow, Dyane. You must be worried sick. Sending good thoughts your way.

These kids - I swear the worries get bigger as they do.

Dyane said...

Thanks Cetta, we're all pretty worried at this point, except him. He's sure he wont have it, because he rarely gets ill, but.. sheesh.. kids.