Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I decided that I couldn't wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate my house for Yule, so I started today. I intend to set my notebook computer up with a Christmas Pandora station, since I have it in the kitchen, on my microwave these days & we can have some festive music playing when we want it to. I have a small tree set up in my room, but need to wait until Troy gets back to help me find the lights. I would like some garland to match my room and ornaments, so I haven't started decorating it yet.

The tree in the living room will be our 6 foot pre-lit tree & it'll have all Pagan related ornaments on it. I bought a bunch of them at Walmart the other day, believe it or not. They had a ton of birds, leaves, pine cones & the sort, plus stags & stars, they're all just gorgeous. I'm excited to have that all set up & ready to go, I think it's going to be beautiful & so much more meaningful to us this year.

My Bradford Mint (I think?) snowman that I got last year is up in it's normal spot & I also go a penguin ski slope last year, after Christmas, so it's up on the other end of the TV stand, and they both look so cute & festive. I love Yule!

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