Sunday, November 21, 2010

Getting Better & Looking Forward

Things are much better around here, thankfully. Troy & I are working on things in our marriage & doing what we need to do to make our relationship work, however we decide to move forward. We both feel a lot more hopeful about us than we have in a very long time.

I'm very excited about Yule & can't wait to get my trees up & the house looking festive & wonderful. We got Beth's gift the other day, but have no idea what to get for Dani, so we're going to go & look at the toys for her age next payday & try to decide then. There are so many cool things out there now for babies who are 6+ months & that's what we'll look for. I got Dawn's gift on Friday, Troy, Ryan & I are going in together on something for Jason, so I just need to figure Ryan's gift out now. This is so much fun!

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