Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We had a fairly large snow storm in the night & probably have about 5" on the ground at my house. I have to specify, because I'm sure there wasn't that much everywhere in town, but I live about 2 blocks or so from the mountains & we get a lot more snow over here. The bonus to that is that it's a little bit cooler over here in the summer, too.

At any rates, we didn't get enough to need to use periscopes to see over it, so that's always a good thing. The roads weren't too terribly bad the two times I went out in it earlier, although there were a few traction problems & a bit of sliding. There weren't even too many idiots out there, yet, so I'm happy to have gotten my driving over early on & now I don't have to go out again, unless I want to.

Today I plan to get the tree put up in the living room & make the pumpkin mousse for tomorrow, and really, not a whole lot else I think. I may try to find a place to put the winter village I have, but then, I may not, who knows?

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