Thursday, June 11, 2009


Erin called me this morning, he made it to Pueblo last night & is safely with Garrett. That feels so strange to me, to know both of my boys are in that city, together again & I'm not. Erin's never been in Pueblo without me there before. I hope they're having a terrific time together, I know that Garrett has wanted him to come out & visit for a long time, so hopefully they'll make the best of their time together.

Rhi didn't make it to her test yesterday, but she did go talk to her recruiter & asked him for help with the math & he gave her a packet to practice on & directed her the online practice tests, then rescheduled her test for a week down the road, promising her a practice test before the real thing, so that she could keep trying if she doesn't get it figured out by then. That all made her feel a lot better about it.

I got a chuckle today at the store with Dawn. Two very thing, teenage girls were standing around in the diet aids section, discussing which one was the most effective diet pill, get this, not because either of them thought they needed it, but so they'd know after they got older & had kids. I laughed to myself at the notions kids have, and the idea that everything would be exactly the same as far as products go by that point in their lives & they think they'll be so fat after childbirth that they'll have to do something about it. I wasn't really overweight by more than a few poiunds until Rhi was 5 or so, so it definitely wasn't being pregnant that did it. I was relieved that they weren't worrying about it right now, since they were both skinny, it just struck me as funny.

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