Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Stress Overload

There are just things that happen in our lives that we would never have foreseen, you know? I thought we were pretty up on the latest scams & good at listening to our guts when we encounter a job or something else, but I'm telling you, I had an epic fail this week. An expensive epic fail.

I mentioned last week that Rhi had a job, well, it sounded 100% legitimate when she approached me with it, she sent me the email, I read it, no alarms went off in my head. She was being hired to be a "mystery shopper." She did her first job, which consisted of her cashing 3 moneygram money orders, taking her commission out of the money & then wiring the rest to another mystery shopper, who's address they provided. She was supposed to review the whole experience, from how long it took, to what the customer service was like. It sounded legit. She has no bank account, so I had to use mine to cash them.

She got an identical job this week, but the money orders were larger. The alarms instantly started going off, for all of us, then later yesterday, we found out that the money orders were counterfeit & that we're now liable for over 2k. As most of you know, if you've been reading here for very long, money isn't at a surplus for us, and that most of the time, we struggle just to get everything paid.

Now I worry that we'll end up losing everything over this, that we won't be able to pay the rent or the bills. The stress is killing us. We're trying to borrow the money from my inlaws, but haven't heard anything. If they can't loan it to us, we're hoping the bank will help us. This is just not how I wanted to spent the next few weeks, worrying, getting sick & stressing out. I'm so sad now.

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Anonymous said...

Dyane, I'm sending you many, many blessings and affirm that this situation is instantly resolved in your favor.