Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So Busy!

So that I've been scarce around here, faire is two weeks away & we're in the middle of the hurry-scurry right now. I've spent most of my days for over a week, back in the bedroom either packaging & pricing things or making entirely new products as i get more ideas & more excited. I wish I had some nice displays now, even cardboard displays would do at this point, but that'll have to wait until next year, I'm pretty much out of time for that this time around.

Erin made it to the Rainbow Gathering & is having a lot of fun, working hard & getting the camp ready for the thousands who will converge on it next week. We have friends who may be going to the Gathering, so he might get a chance to see them while they're all there. I'm happy that he's doing what he loves & having a good time, although I am afraid that he'll be going to jail when he gets home. I just wish we could all get passed that stuff & be able to move on.

Rhi moved to St. George this week & then back to Cedar City the next day. I guess the living conditions where she moved were pretty bad & she really missed being near everyone that she loves. I'm supposed to be taking her out today to look for a job, i'm really hoping she'll find something this time.

That's about it, things are busy, but not much really changes.

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