Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Resolution of Sorts

We're moving slowly past the whole mess of last week. While it didn't exactly go in our favor & we are now more in debt, at least we didn't lose any more money than we did. Our credit union let us take out a signature loan for the amount of the money orders, so that we could pay the money back to them. It ended up coming out of our savings account, which was a relief, as they started hitting on Troy's payday & we would have lost his check & not been able to take care of our living expenses if it had come out of that account.

I did have a few days last week that I wasn't able to eat, which I guess, in the long run, won't hurt, but over an extended period isn't good for weight loss nor is it healthy. I've been losing nicely & walking every day, so keeping track of what I eat & making sure it's the right amount has been important to me. I was asked the other day if I was taking something like Lipovox, but I'm not, just being active & watching what I eat. I'm just hoping the stress is done for now.

Erin is gone. He left for Colorado the day before yesterday & plans to visit with Garrett for a bit before he heads down to New Mexico for the next few weeks. I hope he stays safe & has a good time, I always worry about him when he goes on his little adventures, but I know it won't help anything or make him any safer.

Rhi is trying to join the National Guard, but is very nervous about taking the ASVAB today, so who knows if she'll follow through or not. I hope she does, she needs a little hope in her life right now & being able to sign up would do that for her. She'd have insurance during basic & AIT at any rate, and be earning money & taking care of herself for the most part. I just hope she doesn't let fear control her this time.

So, that's about all that's going on right now, as far as the kids.

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