Saturday, May 02, 2009

Wrapping it Up

It seemed like a tough week around here, it was probably just two or three days that were tough, though. I honestly think any week where I end it sick is a bad one.

Let's see.. aside from his scare earlier in the week, Erin had a pretty good one. He got to spent a lot of time with his friends, which doesn't happen often. A couple of his friends got an apartment, so he was able to spend time helping them move & hanging out over there. He still hasn't found a job & hasn't really decided what he's doing this summer, but that typical for him. He kind of takes life as it comes.

Rhi has had a bad week. She ran out of her meds on Monday, but I forgot about it until the pharmacy was closed. By the time she got her meds she was closing in on 24 hours without them & then she forgot to take them when she got home. She's okay for a little while without the Prozac, but you know it as soon as the Depakote wears off, and it's all screaming, cursing & hate. She was still out of it the next evening, or she was trying to show me what life will be like after this prescription runs out & I'm not paying for them anymore. She's going to be even angrier with me when she finds out that I don't think her birth control pills are a matter of life & death & refuse to pay for them, too.

That's about it, she's still trying to find a job, beut I think she's blowing off voc rehab & school, so who knows. It's not my place to ask & if I do, it'll just start another fight.

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