Friday, May 01, 2009

It's a Furry Friday

Tiny is about halfway through her "spring molt." That means that we have dog hair everywhere in the house. Everything that I've worn for the last week is coated in dog hair. These times are the only ones I ever regret having a dog. I hate having hair in & on everything.

I need Troy to go out there with her today & use the "furminator" on her (it's not a real one, thus the quotes) and then it'll hopefully be finished. She's been doing really well in the yard this week, she hasn't broken through the skirting again or gotten herself tangled up or anything.

She rarely barks out there now, unless the neighborhood kids start bugging her. They stand where she can see them & taunt her until one of us comes out the door & then they all run off. It's harmless, but it can get really annoying if they do it more than once a day.

The cats have mellowed out a little bit, although Buster sits outside Erin's room & yowls mournfully when he starts missing him, which is fairly often. He didn't sleep here last night, so Bus will head back there & sit, sadly waiting, because I'm sure he's convinced that Erin is in the room.

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