Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Time for Change

I don't talk about politics a lot, it tends to aggravate me & around here, if you aren't Republican & people find out, they generally gang up on you & berate you until you give in & agree with them. Mostly, I refuse to engage in those discussions at all, even with most of my friends.

Let's just say that the last 8 years have been tough all over, especially the past 4, with the rising cost of gas & everything else, businesses failing & closing down, people having to choose between paying on credit cards or buying groceries. Over the past few months I've watched people lose jobs they've had for years, either because there wasn't enough work to keep them on or because it was cheaper to pay someone who had been there less time or the company closed. It really puts a new perspective on everyday life, suddenly, finding the best possible diet pill isn't quite as important anymore. Really, all that matters when this starts happening all around you is hanging on & doing the best you can.

Troy's job is safe, for now. We're faced with the possibility of his plant closing down all the time, so we're used to the fear, we've said the same thing from the day he started there, "We'll ride this train until it stops, then we'll go from there." We managed to get the kids raised, we have most of the toys we want, so if the worst happens & his plant closes, we'll be okay. We'll adjust & he'll find something else, even if we have to move.

I am excited about the new administration, I voted for President Obama, after all, I feel that there is change in the air, a chance for new beginnings & fresh dreams. Yesterday was the first time that I actually enjoyed listening to an inauguration speech, and the first time in a very long time that I'm really looking forward to what the next four years has to bring to this country.

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