Thursday, January 29, 2009

Frustration & Pain

I really thought that once my kids grew up & moved out, they'd stop lying to me, that once they started to mature & realize that they couldn't really "get in trouble" with us anymore, that there wouldn't be any point in lying. It worked with Erin, at least after we kicked him out & he stayed away for awhile. Sometimes he tells me things I don't really want to hear, but he's pretty much always honest with us. Once they graduate and turn 18, I have always felt that what they do outside of my home really isn't my business unless they want to make it mine, but if it happens here, it is & if I ask, I'd better be getting the truth.

Back in late November or early December, not long after Troy got out of the hospital, we had gone somewhere & when we got home, we found Troy's prescription of Lortab lying on the floor. The bottle looked like someone had attempted to make it look like the dog got a hold of it & got it open. The bottle was empty, although we ended up finding less than half of the pills that were originally in it. Troy & I both knew that a person was responsible, because in all of her 5 years, Tiny had never done anything like that & we'd never put pill containers out of her reach. We couldn't get anyone to claim responsibility fot it & so we let it go.

The next day or so we came home & the entire bottle was gone. We asked Erin about it (although, honestly, we knew he hadn't taken it, for a variety of reasons that I'll tak about later), and he automatically starting helping Troy try to find it. That didn't happen, so Troy woke Rhi up, who immediately started screaming at him, denying any knowledge & crying. Then she said that Erin did it both times, that he made the bottle look like Tiny had gotten it & then took the 28 pills in it & sold them, and, not only had he done this terribe thing, but he told her about it. I made her come out here & accuse him of this to his face, which she did, with a rather desperate "help me" look on her face. He pretty much looked at her like she was insane & just sadly shook his head.

I have always felt that it was her, but that she did it for one of her friends or for her boyfriend, so that the pills could be sold & there would be money. She was jumping all over her ex-room mate's reputation yesterday & said that he had been in the habit of selling prescription drugs to people & that got me to thinking. I texted her yesterday after she got moved into a new place (she's now sponging off her friend's family) & asked her if that person had stolen the Lortab & sold it. She went off on me again, again accusing Erin of it & not only that, now suddenly he's stealing it from my dad, too. I gave up at that point & just told her to have a nice evening.

Yes, Erin is a pot smoker & a drinker, but that doesn't make him a thief & a liar. First off, he would never steal from his dad or myself. Never. He wouldn't steal from his sister or any of our friends either, but he sure makes a convenient scapegoat for her when something comes up missing. He also knew how much pain Troy was in after his surgery & wouldn't have been able to handle being the one responsible for Troy not being able to find any relief from the pain. He has taken Lortab in the past, twice. The first time he didn't get much out of it & the second time, he got sick, just like I do, when I take it. He didn't have a sudden influx of money when the pills disappeared, he didn't have any money, as a matter of fact.

As far as my dad & his Lortab goes, Rhi got that idea at Christmas, when my mom couldn't find the bott because she forgot where she put it. She did find it, Rhi just wasn't aware of it, so she figured she could use that to make her story more believable. They aren't missing any pills & Erin has been out there exactly twice in the past few months (Thanksgiving & Christmas) and would be even less likely to steal from them.

Rhi, on the other hand, has been stealing things from us for years & denying it. Her first reaction to any question is to lie. You may get the truth eventually, but only after she has decided that she isn't in danger of "getting in trouble" or "getting a lecture." She knows that we won't just let this go & that if we can prove it was her she'll be in a lot of trouble. What she doesn't know is that I'm through playing around & plan to change the locks this weekend & secure all of the windows so she can't break in. I don't trust her, her friends or her boyfriend in my home when I'm not here or awake anymore. I'm done being lied to & being disrespected. It hurts my heart to feel like I have no other choice but to do this, but I do feel that way.

Sometimes, even now, being a parent realy sucks.

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