Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dilemmas in Parenting

Today is my 43rd birthday (go me, I survived another year!) I went to my birthday party last night, we had a lot of fun. We ate good food, had a couple of drinks, in my case a bottle of Sam Adam's Black Lager & a Pama & Sierra Mist & played with henna for hours. I left at around 1am, because I was tired & didn't want to fall asleep behind the wheel. I came in, grabbed some ice, pored my Diet Dr. Pepper in it & took it to bed with me.

I finished it while I was reading & was running a fever so I had the chills & tried to get to sleep. I finally managed it only to be woken up to Erin throwing up in the bathroom. The toilet is against the same wall as our bed, so in the middle of the night, it's a pretty rude awakening. While I was lying there waiting for it to end & then trying to get back to sleep, I decided that I was going to tell him that he had to find another place to sleep on the nights he drinks too much, because I have such a hard time trying to get back to sleep if I get woken up.

Today, after I managed to get some more sleep & am not angry or tired anymore I'm not really sure what I should say or do. He isn't legal to drink until August, but he is an adult, so I don't feel like I have a leg to stand on by telling him not to drink, so instead, he's told that he can't do anything illegal in our home & try our best to deal with the aftermath of what he does outside our home.

He has cut back a lot & it doesn't happen that often, it's possible I was over-reacting last night. I'll see if I get just as angry the next time it happens, if I do, then it'll be time to do something about it.

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