Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome to the World

Our friends, Gary & Summer welcomed their newest addition to their family this week, little Daen Norman. I'm really excited to see him, I love when our friends have babies. I'd like to get a look at his crib bedding and the colors they did his nursery in so I can make a taggy blanket for him that matches. I still need to makeone for little Cerridwen, since I never got around to making it after she was born like I planned. I'm thinking that's the last of the babies for a little while, anyway, unless Liz & Chris decide to have another one in the near future or someone else gets pregnant.


Troy seems to be feeling a bit better, although he seems like he's being very careful with his food today. I hope he'll feel a lot better with a full night's sleep, I know a lot of it is that night shift wears him out so much these days. Erin seems to be better today, too & Rhi, other than being bored, seems to be feeling really good. They both wemt out on a walk awhile ago, but i'm going to text her in a few minutes because I think dinner is just about ready. I put a pork loin in the crock pot this morning & it's smelling delicious right now.

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