Tuesday, November 11, 2008


It seems like this time of year makes me want to surround myself with all of the spicy smells of autumn. I went out & bought a cinnamon gingerbread oil for my wall air freshener yeserday & it smells heavenly. That, of course, wasn't enough for me, I had to make a loaf of pumpkin cranberry bread today, so it's in the oven right now, competing (fragrance-wise) with the lasagne that's in there, too.

I bought a box of pumpkin spice tea, too & was happily surprised to find that it actually has pumpkin flakes in it. I can't seem to get enough of the smells of autumn, I love them year round, don't get me wrong, it's just easier to get a hold of things in those fragrances this time of year. Right now there's the wall air freshener, an autumn spice spray and pumpkin spice wax tarts. I swear, those fragrances are showing up in my house like promotional pens end up in my purse. I don't intend to add to the arsenal, but I pass them in the store & grab them up. I think I may be planning for the months when they are gone & my favorite smells are gone. What about you, do you have a favorite that's only available seasonally? Do you stock up? Am I crazy?

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