Saturday, July 07, 2012

Almost Ready

We took our son to work & then stopped by the grocery store to pick up the few items we needed to buy for the camping trip. Troy got the water tank ready to go, and we got our extra jugs filled & ready to go inside, too. All that's left is to fill the propane tanks, cool the fridge down & finish packing things out there. I'm not cooking anything too amazing this time around, like potatoes au gratin or anything, but I am baking some mixed berry zucchini bread to take for breakfasts before we leave & making Baja sauce to take with us for our chicken tacos. All I did was to look at my menu plan & move things over to the camping trip. It seems to work out better & less expensively for me, because I have most everything already. All I needed to buy was hamburger buns, lunchmeat & cheese because we had used those things up here in the house already. I bought stuff for s'mores, too, because it's not a camping trip, to me, without those things. I'm doing my laundry now, so I can get my clothes packed up soon, too. I need to go out to the trailer & see what I have in the medicine cabinet out there & what still needs to go out, but I'll take care of that tomorrow.

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