Saturday, March 03, 2012

A Good Week

We got a lot of stuff done this week, thankfully. Dawn's car is fixed & legal, thankfully, because that was a trying time for everyone involved. Our bedroom ceiling is almost completely repaired, after more than a week.

We got new clothes for myself, Troy & our daughter to wear to my oldest brother's wedding in a week. I got our daughter taken to the doctor, got her prescriptions updated & she got two new ones, one because her anti-psychotic makes her insulin resistant & another to help her stop smoking (no, not Chantix).

We also got our son into the eye doctor & he has new glasses on the way. He got new shoes for the wedding, as he already owns a nice suit & shirt to wear.

So, we've had a busy time, and have accomplished some pretty important things, I just wish I could get over this horrible cough I have now!

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