Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cool Beans

We're kind of in a TV wasteland right now on Sunday nights, waiting for Game of Thrones to start again, so we've just been watching whatever looks interesting. A couple of weeks ago, we caught a show on extreme RVs, which caught our attention, since we all love camping & such. These were the type that movie stars own & live in while filming, and rock stars tour in, they were amazing. One company has all of their cupboards done in amish mission furniture style, by an Amish man they hired to work for them. They're all custom & gorgeous, it was just outstanding.

There was another company that refurbishes vintage trailers, too and they fixed one up that I feel in love with. It was all red & shiny and jut too cute. It cost the couple a lot of money, but I'd spend that on something I loved like that, you know? It was definitely one-of-a-kind a just what they asked for, how many times in life are you able to have that?

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