Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting Ready

We leave for Sedona in 9 days, and I seem to have so much to do in between now & then, not even including the stuff we have to do the day & night before. There is a little stress involved, especially since we have to have a friend of Rhi's come & stay at the house to take care of the pets (she's in jail for at least 19 more days), and I always get nervous when I'm not in control of certain key parts of my life or trip or what have you. In my heart, I know it'll work out, but I'm nervous & worried that it won't & I won't get to go.

Anyway, we were only unable to get a couple of things we wanted for this trip, like cell signal boosters and a new sleeping bag, but that's okay, everything will be fine. We can borrow a bag from Ryan again and probably won't be that concerned about our phones once we get there and all. I know I'll be fine as soon as we leave the state, right now, I'm just jittery.

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