Thursday, July 29, 2010

So Very Tired

I haven't had a full night's sleep in days & I'm exhausted. I have so much stuff rolling around in my head, all the time that it just won't let me rest. I need to sleep & I need to start eating more, which I also haven't been doing. Stress does horrible things to my body & I'm reaping that this week. I know I can't keep doing this for very much longer, I just can't. I need to find some gold bullion in the attic, I'm tellin' ya.

In other stuff, Rhi has a status hearing this afternoon, regarding the minor consumption ticket she got back in March. You'd think a charge like that would like it is in most places, where you pay the ticket & move on, especially between 18-21 years old, but no. She actually has to go to court, and go through a whole process to get past it, including a fine that is several hundred dollars. It's ridiculous.

I haven't really heard from Erin since faire, even though I think he tried to call me yesterday. I imagine that he'll try again & I won't miss it this time. Hopefully, at any rate.

Anyway, I'm really thinking about going & lying don to try to get a little more sleep, so I can get through this hearing with her later. Bleh.

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