Monday, July 05, 2010

Carefree Childhood

This week is the busiest of the year for us, the week of the Utah Midsummer Renaissance Faire. It starts today at 8:30 for us, with the Independence Day parade (yes, it's a day late, this is Utah, and yesterday was Sunday). We can't start setting the park up until the festivities on the park are all cleaned up, so we'll be working very late tonight to get the stage up & built. Tomorrow will start at 8:00, since we intend to have our encampment setup first thing, followed by our booth, so we can take care of everything else that has to be done that day.

I'd love to just go back to being one of the guilds who visits the faire every year, just once. It would be nice to hang out in our encampment, demonstrate some stuff & just add color to the faire, but honestly, I can't remember when that was all our Guild did, we've been volunteering, at least in some capacity, for 15 years now & we've been in Utah for 17, so pretty much, all of the time I've been with a Guild, we've been working at the faire.

It would be like going back to a carefree childhood, after years of worrying about paying rent, maintaining vehicles, your home ventilation, buying clothes for growing children, and taking care of everything else. Would we appreciate it, or would it just be a hassle after so much time "being in charge?" I'm thinking it would be hard for us to step back, really, we'd still be working, at least in our thoughts & wouldn't be able to relax anyway.

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