Friday, July 23, 2010

Catching Up on Life

It seems like we get so busy in the summer, between faire, camping & everything else we plan to & do get to do that I fall behind on everything else, especially the house. I've been trying every day since faire (minus the camping trip) to get caught up on my Facebook requests, without much luck. I think I'm just about there, though. I've spent today cleaning house, cooking (crockpot) and getting caught up & haven't done much else, so I'm actually making a little progress.

I don't like that we make all of these plans for our house or yard or whatever & they never seem to happen, though. It's fairly upsetting to me. We wanted to get lawn furniture & keep the backyard nice & maybe build an outdoor fireplace, but none of that really ever happened. We tried with the lawn, but it just kept dying, more & more. It just gets so hot back there that unless the sun has gone down, it's no fun to even be there. We were going to save up for furniture, but that hasn't happened yet, either, so, I guess we'll see what the future holds & if we get better at keeping our promises to ourselves.

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