Monday, December 07, 2009

Getting Cold!

It's just been frigid here for the past few days, you can definitely tell that it's December & nearly winter. Usually it gets too warm in our bedroom at night and that's even after we turn the furnace down to 60 degrees, last night it was pretty much perfect in there. I knew i must have been extremely cold, because I never woke up roasting. I don't know what he temperature was, just that I was comfortable, so either it was cold or I was exhausted. Maybe a little of both.

I've been thinking about getting a ceiling fan for our bedroom, since we use a fan in there all year long anyway, that way I could switch the direction when it was cold and draw the warm air down. I don't know, though, the ceiling may be too low. Our light fixture is right over the bed, so that probably wouldn't even matter anyway, right?

We're supposed to get a bunch of snow today & tonight, but nothing has really fallen as of right now. We seem to miss a lot of the stuff that gets forecast for our area, we call it the Cedar Vortex!

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