Friday, December 11, 2009


Lately, I've been on a quest to try to find a good moisturizer (that I'm not allergic to), a night cream and the best eye cream. That hasn't been s easy as it might sound, although I'm closing in on some that I really like. I've been using a botanical moisturizer for a couple of weeks & I have had a reaction to it yet, so I'll be getting the rest of the collection next, so I'm hoping this is the one.

Something is happening right now that's making all of that seem silly & unimportant, though. Erin is back on this side of the country & should be heading towards Las Vegas right now! I'm so excited to see him, it may have only been 5 months or so, but that's the longest any of us have gone without seeing him. Every time I hear a car outside, I catch myself looking out, hoping it's him. One of these times, it will be. Now I jut need to figure out somewhere for his dog to stay while he's home. I can't wait though. That's all I really wanted for Christmas, was for him to be here & it looks like he will, after all!

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