Friday, December 28, 2007

Funny Stuff

Christmas here was good for us. We got to spend more time with Erin than we have in awhile, which was really nice. We had a good time at my folks' house and there was no chaos, which is always a bonus, if you ask me. Everyone seemed to be pleased with their gifts, so I hope they were. I know Erin was a little disappointed that his were all practical, but I never know when he's going to pack up & hit the road, so I didn't want to get him anything that he could take with him. I guess if he wants fun stuff, he ought to settle down & get a job, so I know he's staying in one place.

One of Rhi's friends really cracks me up. If you've been reading here for awhile, you'll remember that she dated a boy named Sean last winter & that they broke up a couple of times before decided that they were destined to be friends & not a couple. Well, they're still friends, and it seems like he's always getting a new job. Just a couple of weeks ago he was looking for Dodge Charger accessories and working at Carl's Jr. Now, it seems he has yet another job & is driving a Chevy Impala. A few months ago, it was a Chevy truck and a different job. I just don't get how he does it, you know? Is it that he doesn't care where he works or what hours? Is he such a hard & good worker at his jobs that he gets great references even after he quits without notice? Is it just that anyone who isn't picky can do the same thing & my kids are just picky & lazy? What is it?!


Theresa said...

Dyane, I can't remember how old Erin is, but at some point in a person's life, practical gifts are really the only way to go. As you become an adult, some of the fun stuff gets replaced with practicals....that's just life. Apparently he's reached that age. So good for you on your decision to get him what you did! :) What's the deal with Rhi's friend?? A new job and a different vehicle every time?? That's a new one to me! I don't understand how people can switch from one job to another all the time but some don't realize the value of a job or what it means to other employers to see their duration at a job. He'll learn sooner than later, I hope!

May you all have a safe & wonderful start to 2008! Again, I'm so happy you found me and posted so that we may keep in touch! :)

Theresa said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!