Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I'm concerned about so many things right now. The economy doesn't seem to be turning around any time soon, and the company my husband works for has already started laying people off. I'm hoping that they're finished, but you never know. It's a constant worry, even if it's under the surface most of the time.

Erin is having medical issues and is a long, long way from home. I don't know that he's okay, or that he will be, I do know that he's drinking too much and has had DTs when he hasn't had anything to drink for awhile. That is never something a mother wants to know about her child, especially when there isn't anything in the world you can do about it.

My brother's drinking has also gotten worse. He has started showing up late for work because he's been oversleeping. His wife never gets out of bed anymore until late afternoon, she doesn't bathe, she looks horrible. I hate that my niece has to live in that environment, and I worry about her. My brother will lose his job if he keeps it up. They have already cut everyone back to four days a week, and if it'll save them money they'll fire him for being late. He's a welder who fabricates stainless steel drums, and I just can't see that there will be so much demand for him that he'll get any slack with that behavior.

Rhi is still trying to get a job, she has applications in all over the place, but isn't having any luck so far.

Dawn is stressed & emotional right now. Jason isn't working, she's paying everything on her own & they just aren't making it anymore. She has to have surgery on her wrists, but she needs a second job, too, so she's stuck trying to decide what to do. They're overdrawn at the bank (thanks to Jason. Again.) and have no way to repay it. her medicaid & food stamp case is closed right now, because they changed the rules and she had to come up with proof that the kids were actually who she said they were. She did that & yet, she's still waiting. They have no food in the house, I have no way to get her any because we have nothing extra right now, either.

What a bunch of messes. :(

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