Thursday, September 20, 2007

One of Those Weeks

Its turning into one of those weeks with Rhi, where no matter what we do or say, she just isn't happy. We got into an argument with her on Sunday night, because she had been behaving badly all day and treating me disrespectfully. I got tired of it and mentioned it to her, which caused her to get really angry and it spiraled downhill from there.

Yesterday, she was fairly miserable because Kris didn't come home from school with her and didn't come over until 6pm or so. She seemed alright after that, so I figured she was okay. He didn't come home with her again today, because his dad is in the emergency room having a bad reaction to some medication he's taking for his MS & he didn't want to leave him. For some reason, that really made her mad and she decided that she didn't want to see him at all. I hope he comes home with her tomorrow, or she'll be livid. They have tickets to a GooGoo Dolls concert tomorrow night and she's really been looking forward to it. (Troy & I have tickets, too)

If I start talking about needing some West Palm Beach real estate, you'll know he didn't go and she exploded, because I go out of my way to avoid her when she's angry!

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