Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just Sayin'

I'm really starting to think that the company Troy works for could use either some new human resources software, so they can keep track of what they've actually hired someone to do and what each job entails or someone who knows how to use the stuff they already have. I'm a little chapped that they hired him as a security guard but use him to do so many other things that his job description just doesn't include and they're getting all of this at a security guard wage. He's having to take a series of classes, that in the long run, do nothing for him, as far as his career goes at this company, but is an advantage to them. He went out there today for his insurance meeting and ended up doing some other things for them while he was there. I realize he did it most likely to earn another hours pay, but its the principal that bothers me.

I just think that when someone is unhappy on the job, there should be a better answer than, "Well, you know what your choices are - deal with it or quit." You know?

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