Monday, December 31, 2012

Just Put it on an Endless Loop

Yep. She's in jail again. We were told that she "was doing really well" and so on by one of the people she was living with (I should say that my husband was told that - no one tells me anything about her anymore), but how much credence can you give a person who wasn't, for years, aware of what was going on in his own home, with his own children? How can we believe he knows anything about how well our daughter is doing when she can fool anyone into believing she's sober (and if that doesn't work, she turns on the tears) that doesn't know how manipulative she is?

She was arrested by her PO this time, so we're assuming that he was making a home visit & found her drunk. I don't really know, it's been almost a month since she demanded that I remove myself from her life, and like I said, no one tells me anything about her. I'm not upset by this, not at all. The further I can stay from her drama, the better I am, but I am amused that her "roommates" seem to think we have no idea that she's in jail. Come on. The only time I don't checking the bookings for our county jail on a daily basis is when she's already IN jail. Why? So I know when to expect the postcards begging us to come & visit.. begging us to put money on her book & begging me to write to her. I'm sure those will start in the next few days, and this time, I'll stick with my plan to not cave in to her.

At any rate, it's the end of yet another painful year, one that I don't even have the energy to reminisce about for once. Goodbye 2012 & good riddance!


Cetta said...

*hugs* Hang in there, Dy. Parenting is so hard.

Dyane said...

Thanks Cetta.. it's been better with the distance from her. I just hopes she figures it out someday.