Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Little Progress

I've started on those Yule gifts I was talking about, and so far, the parts that I have finished are turning out quite nicely. I had to go all the way to St. George to buy the brass rings that serve as the base for the project, but Michael's had a great price on them & it was a nice little trip for Troy & I.

We got the stuff I needed for those, popped in to Target & bought our replacement stockings and an adorable present for Tiny for Yule. It's a stuffed lobster dinner, served on a flying disk "plate" and I know she'll love it, because there are no smelly rubber or plastic toys in it, which she won't touch. We also grabbed a few little things for Beth's stocking.

We browsed around in Pier 1, wishing we were rich & could afford to buy all of their nice things, but since we can't, we left without anything. It was a quick, little trip where we didn't spend much money, but we did take care of what we went down there for.

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