Friday, June 04, 2010

Stupid Skin

Summer is the only time it really bothers me, mostly because I'm showing off more skin, and feel like people are looking at me more. I really need to find an affordable eczema treatment, and get these patches cleared up. If that's not what it is, I need to go to the doctor & find out what it actually is, so I can get that cleared up. I'm tired of being self-conscious about my arms.

I had an amusing surprise while I was out shopping with my mom & Rhi this afternoon. We got to Bealls a lot, because my mom gets awesome coupons & shares them with me. We were checking out, and standing there just kind of chit-chatting & Rhi said something about Erin. The guy checking us out looks up at me & says, "I miss Erin." I looked closer & he started talking about how he & Erin had a band once & worked at KFC together & all of that & I finally realized the guy was the former singer in the band. He looked so clean cut & straight now that I would never have recognized him otherwise, It was hilarious. It was good seeing him, though & I told him to keep in touch with Erin so he could let him know when he was going to be in town next, so they can see each other.

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