Thursday, November 01, 2007


So, I never did receive my swap package from my partner in the Fall into Autumn Dishcloth Swap. I'm probably not going to participate in any more of them, either, since the girl I sent to never even bothered to post a picture of what I sent her on her blog and I never got anything myself. It seems like an awful lot of time and trouble to do for free, you know? I just don't understand why in the world you'd ever sign up for something like that if you weren't 100% certain you'd be able to follow through, and meet the deadline. I'd feel so guilty if I did that & let my partner down!!

Anyway. Rhi and her friends had a great time last night. We had about 10 trick or treaters last night, which is a record high for us. That's kind of pathetic, but they just don't stop at our house. It's really kind of sad that Kris had never been trick-or-treating before last night. Apparently his mother used to leave him at home to give out treats and she'd take his older brother out. What kind of a parent does that? I used to turn off my porch light, pack up both of my kids and we'd all go. He was so freaking excited to go out he didn't even sleep the night before - now that's a sad thing, especially since he's 17! Oh, and they did wear costumes, in case anyone is thinking I'd let my teenager go trick-or-treating in normal clothes. I don't give treats to anyone who isn't in a costume & I give them to anyone, no matter the age, who is in one.

I want to hit a couple of the post-Halloween sales today, I'm hoping to grab one or two of those wall sconce-type torch decorations. The ones that look like they have a flame in them, I want them for our booth for fair. Rhi wants some of the good fangs, so we'll have to go to The Wizz & see if they have any left after school.

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darlababe said...

Hi there, I am Darla from the Autumn dish cloth swap too. I too was disappointed. I had never done a swap before. I had such fun sending little fun cards to my spoilee and then putting her box together. I loved knitting for her and hoping she would like the things I chose and prepared. She did and posted them too with nice thanks. On the other hand, my "spoiler" just spoiled the whole thing for me. She only contacted me for the 1st time to tell me that she had been on a trip to Australia and would be mailing my box mid Oct. I got the post card on the 24th! I still have not received anything. I am feeling really sad about this, I believed in it and was so hopeful. I am sorry you have a similar story. Maybe we will both end up lucky yet. Darla